About TPCA

TPCA – Tower Place Cornhole Association was founded in June of 2008 by Steve Hensley who had recently moved onto our street and needed an excuse to drink beer Thursday nights.  Actually – he liked to play cornhole a lot as well.  We started playing cornhole Thursday evenings that summer.  We play year round.  When the weather is good we play in George Schurr’s or Dirc Lindeman’s back yard.  If the weather is lousy we play at The Pub.  Attendees generally range from 6 to 18.  Die hards are Steve Hensley, George Schurr, Bill Keefer, Dirc Lindeman, Wally Szymanski, Steve Miller, and Mark Schweitzer.

We random draw for partners and never put down money.  We play for the small amount of prestige when we win!

We have 3 major events every year.  In the Spring we have our Spring Fling, in the fall we have a Fall Toss Off and before Christmas we have our Beer Exchange.  There is a prize for the winning team, usually Makers Mark or Vodka.