By Laws

  1. Voting members.
    • Any male home owner on Tower Place is an automatic Voting member
    • a Voting member can have their membership revoked by unanimous vote if they are a real loser.
    • a Voting member that moves from Tower Place becomes an Official member.
  2. Only voting members can invite someone to play
    • A Guest member is eligible for Official Member status after ten visits.
    • A Guest member must receive ⅔ votes to become an Official member.
    • An Official member can have his membership revoked by a ⅔ vote if he is even a moderate loser.
  3. Legacy members are eligible for Probationary membership when turning 18 and Official membership when turning 21.
  4. Voting members who do not attend at least 50% of the time will become probationary members.
  5. Semi-annual dues are $10 and payable to VP of Accounting if we ever elect one.
    • Both Voting members and Official members pay dues.
  6. A voting or official member who receives the Shicked Trophy must put his initials and date on the back.
    • The trophy must be displayed at the front of his house until another person receives the trophy.
  7. A player who is Royed must hug every player on the night of the Roy and every Thursday night until the next Roy.
  8. A player who Toe-Tags must wear the Toe-Tag during TPCA play until another player Toe-Tags.