By Laws

  1. Voting members.
    • Any male home owner that owns a home and currently resides on Tower Place is an automatic Voting member
    • a Voting member can have their membership revoked by unanimous vote if they are a real loser.
    • a Voting member that moves from Tower Place becomes an Official member.
  2. Only voting members can invite someone to play
    • A Guest member is eligible for Official Member status after ten visits.
    • A Guest member must receive ⅔ votes to become an Official member.
    • An Official member can have his membership revoked by a ⅔ vote if he is even a moderate loser.
    • 2019 – due to numbers membership is currently limited to existing members and homeowners on the street.
  3. Legacy members are eligible for Probationary membership when turning 18 and Official membership when turning 21.
  4. Voting members who do not attend at least 50% of the time will become probationary members.
    1. Anyone placed on probation must be re-instated with a ⅔ vote.
  5. Cornhole shall be played every Thursday evening if there are at least 4 players present and no extenuating circumstances. Qualifying events are:
    1. Fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, astroid impact or other natural disaster
    2. Loss of electrical power for lighting.
    3. Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    4. Weddings, funerals, etc.
    5. National emergencies such as WWIII.
    6. Pandemics.
  6. Semi-annual dues are $10 and payable to VP of Accounting if we ever elect one.
    • Both Voting members and Official members pay dues.
  7. A voting or official member who receives the Shicked Trophy must put his initials and date on the back.
    • The trophy must be displayed at the front of his house until another person receives the trophy.
    • A Shick is limited to members only during official play under regulation conditions.  Guests do not count and may not receive the can.  The can shall not be displayed by non-members.
  8. A player who is Royed must hug every player on the night of the Roy and every Thursday night until the next Roy.
  9. A player who Toe-Tags must wear the Toe-Tag during TPCA play until another player Toe-Tags.  No longer in effect since the tag was lost.
  10. All partners will be selected by drawing cards.  This applies to regular games and tournaments.
  11. No monetary amounts shall be wagered on games.  We are here just for the fun.
  12. Flipping the boards or tossing any equipment is punishable by a $20 fine or damages which ever is higher.