Winter Opener

2/9/2023 – After weeks and weeks of wet, miserable Thursdays, we finally got a break and were able to have our first game of the year. Well, not much of a break. The temp was 45 and falling and the wind was 22 mph gusting to 54 mph. Tough conditions to play cornhole, but a few of us more durable members got out of the house and had fun.

We had new bags, a new cooler (Christmas present from my family), and a new flag (also Christmas present). We sure missed the rest of you homebody, couch potato, losers.

It’s a Family Affair

October 2022 – Fall Toss Off.

It was a cool fall evening and somewhat late in the season, for our 14th annual Fall Toss Off tournament, but we had 8 very hot teams fired up to win. The brother-in-law winning team of Zach Hurt and Donovan McCoy took down George Schurr and Steve Miller (same losing team from Spring Fling 2022) in the final, high tension, round. This was quite an upset since several teams that were pegged to win did not play as expected. The winners also received the new, highly coveted, Current Champion trophies (courtesy of Steve Hensley). Don’t be too thrilled you won’t be holding them for long! Fame is fleeting. Try not to lose these before the Christmas tournament! Wally got the prize for the best and only costume, although he didn’t wear it while playing.

Foregone Conclusion

6/2/22 – Spring Fling. As soon as we drew cards, we knew who was going to win. However, Dirc and Hens lost in the first round while George and Steve Miller were winning match after match and looked like they had a shot to take the trophy. Then, Dirc and Hens came back from the losers bracket and beat them twice for the final win. We had 7 teams competing and many of the matches were close. It was a great night of competition and lots of fun. We were rained out the last 2 weeks so we were very ready for this night. To make the night even better, Billy and Mark got Shicked and will receive the cans.

A Christmas Spectacular like no other !

Date: 11/9/21

Location: JLC CornDome

Our 13th annual Christmas Beer Exchange and Cornhole Spectacular was a tournament for the record books. The Fall Toss Off winners, Andy and George, were drawn as partners again. This is a statistically unlikely event (actually 1 in 195; see footnote below for solution. ) and was met with some hard looks and calls for a redraw. But the team of Dirc and Bryan took them out in the first round 21-3. Dirc and Bryan continued their hot streak almost to the end. When it came time to play Bill and Doc S. from the losers bracket they went cold and were Shicked in the first round. In a surprise move they came back in the second round to win the tournament. No team has ever been Shicked and ended up winning a tournament. Is this a Drian or a Birc ?

Due to many foot faults by Bryan the results are controversial and under review by the board. See photos.

We have too much fun ! Merry Christmas to all.

My Solution: The Fall Toss off had 8 teams = 16 players. The chances of George getting Andy were 1 in 15. The Christmas Spectacular had 7 teams = 14 players. The chances of Andy getting George again were 1 in 13. So 1/15 * 1/13 = 0.005128205128205 or 1 in 195.

This can also be expressed as (7!/(1!(7-1)!))((1/14)*(1/13))(1-((1/14)(1/13))^(7-1). Ben Schweitzer checked my work with the solution below. Yikes !

It was also confirmed by an RStudio simulation run by Ben Schweitzer and Eric Schurr.

Triple Crown

10/14/21 – Annual Fall Toss Off blind draw, double elimination tournament. We had 8 teams and great weather for mid October! The matches were really tight but the easy winners were Andy and George. Andy achieved a Triple Crown winning 3 tournaments in a row! It’s all about drawing the right partner! Great fun with great guys.