It’s only 12″

2/11/21 – A little shoveling and game on!

Business matter – 2/12/21 Public Posting and Notification : Bill Keefer seems to miss cornhole just because it’s a little chilly outside. This is not an adequate excuse and is in violation of the By-Laws. Therefore select members of the board of voting members would like to consider the option to start a process to determine if a review meeting should be held. The purpose of this review meeting would be to formulate a framework for a discussion. The discussion would serve to outline the basic points of a resolution that the board might be inclined to implement. This resolution would initiate a process that would define the parameters of a censure regarding named offender Bill Keefer. This censure would decree an admonishment of the highest gravity against Bill Keefer which might entail a partial, complete, or incomplete barring from TPCA activities. If passed, this admonishment would place Bill on double secret probation.

Think about it Bill – you don’t want to go there.

Cornhole Freezer Bowl

1/28/2021 – we haven’t been to the pub to play since Covid.  So we decided to play outside despite the 25 degree temperature and snow on the ground. There wasn’t any wind so it didn’t feel that bad and the Fireballs kept us warm.  We are undaunted !  We sure missed the sissies that didn’t make it.

Christmas 2020

12/10/20 – Blessed with great weather for December ( mid 40’s and dry ) we decided to have our 12th annual Christmas Beer Exchange and Cornhole Spectacular outdoors due to Covid. We had 9 teams of the finest players ever assembled in one tournament. Dirc and Zach managed to crawl their way up from the losers bracket for the big win! Hey we’ve seen these two in the winners circle before!

No Shicks last night only because Eric couldn’t play due to unexpected out of town company. Priorities dude.

Lisa came through at the final hour with the embroidery work on our beanies ! Thanks Lisa ! Goetzy made an extra donation of Evan Williams for the winners ! Very nice.

It’s been a weird year with Covid but cornhole has helped us through it. Getting together every Thursday and having so much fun is really the best medicine. Thanks to all for another fun year and major thanks to Leta for tolerating us every Thursday. You’re the best dear ! Here’s to a safe and better 2021. It has to be, it just has to be.

Merry Shicksmas to all !

Black Friday Cornhole

Traditionally we do the pub crawl the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. But due to Covid that wasn’t going to happen. We considered playing cornhole Wednesday evening but we had way too much rain. So we re-scheduled for the first Black Friday cornhole ! Stats for the evening: 9 players. 5 Shicks. Too many 12 scores. 2 buckets of Fireball. 1 dead battery.

Hens and Orem took down Dirc and George for the final Shick of the night. A Christmas miracle because Dirc and George played them 5 games until midnight and only lost the one resulting in a Shick. Our heads were spinning.

Bruce managed to leave his keys in his car which killed the battery and Eric’s wife had to drive he and Mark home at 11:30 ! A real neighborhood hero. Merry Shicksmas to everyone.

The Young Upstarts

10/22/2020 After several cold days in late October we had a warm, 80 degree Thursday that was perfect for our annual Fall Toss Off Tournament of Champions. We had 8 ½ teams of the very best cornhole players in Kentucky in a wild double elimination blind draw tournament dueling it out for top honors. We all brought our A game and were eager to win but a big surprise was in store for us! The experienced players, with 12 plus years of playing cornhole under their belts, were completely upended by Andy Miller and Zach Hurt, two young upstarts that are barely out of their cribs. This may be the start of a new era! Is it time for the seniors to start throwing from the red tees? At the end of the evening after one too many buckets of Fireball everyone thought they were a winner. A big shout out to whomever refilled the Fireball bucket. We have too much fun.