10 Yr Anniversary Spring Fling

June 14th 2018 the TPCA celebrated our 10 year anniversary playing cornhole Thursday evenings.  The weather was perfect!  We had 18 players ( 9 teams if you divide by 2) in a double elimination tournament. Due to a totally skewed draw the big winners were Tom Meyer & Steve Hensley. Congratulations!  It was a really fun evening and no one got hurt primarily because Steve Miller didn’t play with his knives.  Billy and Wally are on double secret probation for missing the event. Thanks Evan for the great photos!

Late breaking beer fog recollection –  there was a rare double Shick :  Elliott and Bryan got Shicked by Danny G. and Bruce who then got Shicked by Doc S. and Andy.  Bahdabing Bahdaboom,.


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