2018 Fall Toss Off

8/18/18 –  Crisp fall evening. Very crisp. Temperature dipped to 41 degrees. Undaunted TPCA had their annual Fall Toss Off tournament.   We had 8 very competitive teams all determined to win.  Rob Roy, the champ from the HHS Classic tournament this summer came with lots of swagger and smack talk but no game and was eliminated early.  The dream team of Dirc and George prevailed despite heavy competition from the losers bracket team of Steve Miller and Adam Sonnet.  Steve pulled off 3 ponies in the final rounds but George was able to airmail many bags and go over most of his wimpy short throws and blocks.  Dirc held his mud against Adam and wore him down in the final game!   There were even a couple of Shicks. Billy & Doc Gates got it first but Danny O. and Andy ended up with the cans.  They think they won something.  One more thing – Bryan was flying in from Chicago at the last minute and saw the bright lights of the emporium from 10,000 feet !   I bet you could see it from the space station.  I’ll check with NASA sometime or just call them directly.  I think I have the number somewhere.


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