The Young Upstarts

10/22/2020 After several cold days in late October we had a warm, 80 degree Thursday that was perfect for our annual Fall Toss Off Tournament of Champions. We had 8 ½ teams of the very best cornhole players in Kentucky in a wild double elimination blind draw tournament dueling it out for top honors. We all brought our A game and were eager to win but a big surprise was in store for us! The experienced players, with 12 plus years of playing cornhole under their belts, were completely upended by Andy Miller and Zach Hurt, two young upstarts that are barely out of their cribs. This may be the start of a new era! Is it time for the seniors to start throwing from the red tees? At the end of the evening after one too many buckets of Fireball everyone thought they were a winner. A big shout out to whomever refilled the Fireball bucket. We have too much fun.

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