It’s only 12″

2/11/21 – A little shoveling and game on!

Business matter – 2/12/21 Public Posting and Notification : Bill Keefer seems to miss cornhole just because it’s a little chilly outside. This is not an adequate excuse and is in violation of the By-Laws. Therefore select members of the board of voting members would like to consider the option to start a process to determine if a review meeting should be held. The purpose of this review meeting would be to formulate a framework for a discussion. The discussion would serve to outline the basic points of a resolution that the board might be inclined to implement. This resolution would initiate a process that would define the parameters of a censure regarding named offender Bill Keefer. This censure would decree an admonishment of the highest gravity against Bill Keefer which might entail a partial, complete, or incomplete barring from TPCA activities. If passed, this admonishment would place Bill on double secret probation.

Think about it Bill – you don’t want to go there.

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