It’s a Family Affair

October 2022 – Fall Toss Off.

It was a cool fall evening and somewhat late in the season, for our 14th annual Fall Toss Off tournament, but we had 8 very hot teams fired up to win. The brother-in-law winning team of Zach Hurt and Donovan McCoy took down George Schurr and Steve Miller (same losing team from Spring Fling 2022) in the final, high tension, round. This was quite an upset since several teams that were pegged to win did not play as expected. The winners also received the new, highly coveted, Current Champion trophies (courtesy of Steve Hensley). Don’t be too thrilled you won’t be holding them for long! Fame is fleeting. Try not to lose these before the Christmas tournament! Wally got the prize for the best and only costume, although he didn’t wear it while playing.

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