Visiting Irish

Last night we had a nice visit by John the Sherbet, his son Robby who lives in Portlandia and wears ladies pants and slippers, and his son-in-law Michael ( I can barely standup) the Irish.   Aren’t the Irish supposed to be able to hold their whiskey ?   Maybe too much time living in Chicago.

Fodder for an easy Shick. Thanks for coming.

Irish full


TPCA Valentines Day at Grassroots & Vine

Last night instead of playing cornhole the TPCA celebrated Valentines Day and our lovely wives at Grassroots & Vine.  It was a fun evening and the food was wonderful.  Their flat breads are just amazing and literally works of art. If you haven’t been there you really should give it a try.  We enjoyed the food and wine and had a lot of fun but missed throwing bags.

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2018 Christmas Beer Exchange & Cornhole Spectacular

Our 10th anniversary Christmas Beer Exchange and Cornhole Spectacular was held at the JLC Corndome and grease factory (thanks for hosting).  We had 9 teams for a rousing double elimination tournament.  Any team that hit 10 points during play had to take shots.  Not sure who had to consume the most shots but it resulted in some unexpected game outcomes.  Wally managed to get Shicked, Shick someone back, then get re-Shicked.  A Walleye !   The winners of the night were Steve Hensley and Bruce Sidle ! The final non-tournament fun game of the night was a real thriller!   Tom and Wally were down 20-0 against Hens and Rob.  Tom only had to put it on the board to get 1 point and avoid a Shick, but instead he pushed in his opponents bag for a loss, got Shicked,  and ended up with the can for the night.  Best Christmas present ever. There really is a Santa !   Now off to wash the bags.


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9 Year Anniversary and Spring Fling 2017

TPCA celebrated it’s 9th anniversary of beer, bags and brotherhood with our annual Spring Fling !   Six highly skilled teams competed for the coveted prize of Birddog Whiskey.  The winners were Steve Hensley and Steve Miller.  Clearly a stacked deck.  Hens brought the cake and Dirc brought wings, beer and prizes.  Good thing we have an athletic director to figure out the complicated bracketology.  Lots of fun and we played till after 12.


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Rare February Outdoor Event

For the first time in TPCA history we were able to play cornhole outside in February.  We had a rare, warm 70 degree day and decided to take advantage of it. It was a nice break from playing in the smokey pub.  The boards had been refurbished with new vinyl tops and the score towers had been rebuilt – Keefer proofed.  We also had brand new ACO official bags.  And there was a Shick !  Dan Oren and Nick Gates bit it.  Great start to the 2017 season.



2016 Pub Crawl

Last night we had our annual TPCA Pub Crawl.  We do this every year because Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday so Cornhole can’t happen.

Started at The Olde Fort Pub, then went to Fort Thomas Pizza and Tavern, finally ended the night at the Midway.   Great time!   Here are some photos of the night.