Back in Business – Almost!

Last night we were finally able to play!   After many weeks of lockdown and social distancing our governor (Andy not Steve, Johnny) decided to let us gather in groups of 10 or less. Well we might have miscounted by 1 or 2  but we had our TPCA masks on for extra protection!   Though our throwing skills were a little rusty we still had a fun night.  And there’s always next week.

Playing outside in January ?

First outdoor game of 2020 and first time outside in January in our 12 year history!  While Australia is burning and Venice is drowning, we get to play cornhole outside in January when we should be freezing under a foot of snow.  Should we worry or just keep throwing ?  If you can, please make a contribution to our brethren suffering from these catastrophes.

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2019 Christmas Beer Exchange and Cornhole Spectacular

Dec 5, 2019 –   our annual Christmas Beer Exchange and Cornhole Spectacular was held in the JLC Corn-dome in Wilder.  We had the usual tasty appetizers, funky Christmas beer and whiskey.  Our 7 1/2 team double elimination tournament was won by Dirc and Billy. Runners up were Wally and Dan.  Special Yasiel Puig Mother’s day bats were provided by Mark Goetz.  Very cool !   Thanks Mark.  Peculiar music was provided by Steve Miller and Nick.

A special senior men’s singles competition was initiated late in the evening with George beating the crap out of Tommy 3 games to 0.  No prize was awarded. Just satisfaction.

No Shick’s last night.  Sorry can owners.

Thanks to Johnny for hosting !

Note – Dirc has won 50% of the tournaments for the last 3 years.  Check the blog history if you doubt it.  Something has to be done about this.









2019 Fall Toss Off

We may have had one of the best fall Toss Off tournaments ever.  The air was crisp, the vibe was n-dimensional, our bags were hot, and we were all in a very competitive, winner take all posture.   We had 7 teams of semi-pro players.  Dirc and Andy just had it all and laid waste to the rest of us loser wanna-be’s.  Gorman and Roy were hopeful but really, really lacked the skills    The competition was so hot last night we experienced 2 Shicks.  Can’t recall the first round but the 2nd round was Voodoo Doc Schweitzer & Coach Goetz.   Well deserved.  Great end to the season.  We were really challenged in the spring since we had so much rain that we had to use the tarps almost every week.  Then in the fall the 6 week drought just killed the grass. What a nightmare for the poor underpaid, overworked, and under appreciated Facilities Manager.  Thanks to all in the TPCA Brotherhood for an awesome fun filled 2019.  Looking for more fun with bags in 2020.

HOLD THE PRESSES !   Late update.  Just noticed that Dirc has won the last 3 Fall Toss Off’s as well as the 2019 Spring Fling and the 2017 Christmas Beer Exchange.  Dirc is obviously on a lucky streak with his partners !


2019 Highlands Cheer Fundraiser !

Rob and Wally honorably represented TPCA and won the HHS Cheer tournament.  For the second year Pastor Roy is the unlikely co-winner of the tournament, once again carried to the winners circle by his partner !  What a nice day and so much fun!  Elliott was the winner of the long toss competition at 58 ft !   Thanks to Diane Kroger for putting on such a fun-fundraiser !  Looking forward to next year !


Visiting Irish

Last night we had a nice visit by John the Sherbet, his son Robby who lives in Portlandia and wears ladies pants and slippers, and his son-in-law Michael ( I can barely standup) the Irish.   Aren’t the Irish supposed to be able to hold their whiskey ?   Maybe too much time living in Chicago.

Fodder for an easy Shick. Thanks for coming.

Irish full


Spring Fling 2019

After many Thursday evenings of spring rain we finally got a break!  It rained a mile away but not at the TPCA cornhole emporium !    We had a very competitive tournament with 7 teams.  The winners were Dirc and Wally!  They were both on fire !  Congratulations!

We also had an early Shicking.   Bryan and Rob earned the cans in a quick 3 round game. They hardly knew what hit them.

And I won the world singles title by beating Hens ( el Diablo) for the 4th straight time in singles late night competition.  I’ve finally conquered my fear of him.