The Young Upstarts

10/22/2020 After several cold days in late October we had a warm, 80 degree Thursday that was perfect for our annual Fall Toss Off Tournament of Champions. We had 8 ½ teams of the very best cornhole players in Kentucky in a wild double elimination blind draw tournament dueling it out for top honors. We all brought our A game and were eager to win but a big surprise was in store for us! The experienced players, with 12 plus years of playing cornhole under their belts, were completely upended by Andy Miller and Zach Hurt, two young upstarts that are barely out of their cribs. This may be the start of a new era! Is it time for the seniors to start throwing from the red tees? At the end of the evening after one too many buckets of Fireball everyone thought they were a winner. A big shout out to whomever refilled the Fireball bucket. We have too much fun.

Pony Tail !

The universe is coming unraveled. Bryan Kiernan, who has been Shicked multiple times and rarely gets a bag in the hole, somehow manages to throw 4 bags in to win the last game of the night! This accomplishment by him is so statistically unlikely it can’t be calculated. The odds of getting hit by lightning or struck by an astroid are far better than this and yet it happened. Will it ever happen again?

New term – Pony Tail: throwing a pony to win the game.

12th Anniversary Spring Fling!

Last night we had our annual Spring Fling Cornhole Extravaganza and 12th anniversary celebration with social distancing. Eight teams competed in a rousing double elimination tournament. The winners were Dan Gorman and George Schurr. Apparently Dan carried George because last week George got Shicked.  Loser to winner in one week, go figure!  Great turnout, lots of fun, perfect weather, no Shicks ( bummer).  Can’t believe it’s been 12 years.  Where has the time and our hair gone ?


Take a look at my text book throwing technique captured in slo-mo by Andy!


And what about these cool socks that Lisa Orem gave me !  Don’t be jealous.


Cornhole in the rain!

It was a dry, hot week in Fort Thomas – until Thursday of course.   Then came the threat of rain and storms.  Dirc and I went home at lunchtime and put tarps on the back yard.

Tarps on the entire playing field !

Looks like we commandeered all the tarps from Great American Ball Park!  We were ready for the storms !

Only a light sprinkle that afternoon and everything was dry at 8 pm so we pulled the tarps and started playing.  Early in the evening the dream team of Schurr and Hensley dropped a Roy on Zach and Gorman from a 0-6 deficit.

Then about 9:30 or so the rain started.  Undaunted, clueless or stupid we kept playing.  Light at first, it wasn’t a concern.  Then it picked up; we kept playing. The bags got soaked; we kept playing.  The boards got really wet; we kept playing.  Our clothes were soaked; we kept playing. Loaded with rain, the bags weighed about 2 or 3 lbs. and the geezers with bad shoulders and elbows were starting to suffer.

Near the end of the evening the unthinkable happened.  The dream team of Hens and Schurr got Shicked by Gorman and Billy.  How did this happen?  Well, the bags were heavy and didn’t have the usual play action. They would often clog in the hole and not drop. Technically these were not regulation conditions so this should not count.  But popular sentiment seems to be against us.  I think the lesser players enjoy the idea of taking down the GOATs.

The capper to all this is the next day I looked at the back yard and the grass was burned where we had the tarps all afternoon in the heat.  Lovely.  Burned yard and Shicked at the same time.

We’ve played in the snow and now we’ve played in the rain.  Is there a postal theme here?    “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these TPCA players from the swift completion of their cornhole games.”

Back in Business – Almost!

Last night we were finally able to play!   After many weeks of lockdown and social distancing our governor (Andy not Steve, Johnny) decided to let us gather in groups of 10 or less. Well we might have miscounted by 1 or 2  but we had our TPCA masks on for extra protection!   Though our throwing skills were a little rusty we still had a fun night.  And there’s always next week.

Playing outside in January ?

First outdoor game of 2020 and first time outside in January in our 12 year history!  While Australia is burning and Venice is drowning, we get to play cornhole outside in January when we should be freezing under a foot of snow.  Should we worry or just keep throwing ?  If you can, please make a contribution to our brethren suffering from these catastrophes.

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