Opening Day 2019

Opening Day –  best day of the year!  Not baseball  – TPCA!  First official games of the 2019 outdoor season were last night.   New boards, new bags, new iPad scoring towers !  With warm weather, 12 players, and 3 Shicks (Billy/Bryan , Gorman/Orem,  Billy/Bryan),  we had a really fun night !   Billy and Bryan got Shicked twice –  the first official Dirc of the season !  Bryan’s new throwing method really isn’t working out.  Will he ever be able to unload the can ?  Expect him to set a new ownership record.



TPCA Valentines Day at Grassroots & Vine

Last night instead of playing cornhole the TPCA celebrated Valentines Day and our lovely wives at Grassroots & Vine.  It was a fun evening and the food was wonderful.  Their flat breads are just amazing and literally works of art. If you haven’t been there you really should give it a try.  We enjoyed the food and wine and had a lot of fun but missed throwing bags.

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Big O

Fun night at Dirc’s place of business last night (thanks Dirc).  Much needed break from the smoky pub.  Probably added 1 year to our lives avoiding the second hand smoke.  Hens was on fire as El Diablo dropping airmail after airmail enjoying the high ceiling venue.  One time he scored 12 points all airmail.  Depressing to play against. Regardless he could not unload the Shick can.  Bummer Hens, embrace, enjoy

Dan Orem really impressed everyone by not winning a game all night coining the term – Big O.   Only bummer of the night was Steve Miller’s horrendous playlist.

We have too much fun!

2018 Christmas Beer Exchange & Cornhole Spectacular

Our 10th anniversary Christmas Beer Exchange and Cornhole Spectacular was held at the JLC Corndome and grease factory (thanks for hosting).  We had 9 teams for a rousing double elimination tournament.  Any team that hit 10 points during play had to take shots.  Not sure who had to consume the most shots but it resulted in some unexpected game outcomes.  Wally managed to get Shicked, Shick someone back, then get re-Shicked.  A Walleye !   The winners of the night were Steve Hensley and Bruce Sidle ! The final non-tournament fun game of the night was a real thriller!   Tom and Wally were down 20-0 against Hens and Rob.  Tom only had to put it on the board to get 1 point and avoid a Shick, but instead he pushed in his opponents bag for a loss, got Shicked,  and ended up with the can for the night.  Best Christmas present ever. There really is a Santa !   Now off to wash the bags.


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2018 Fall Toss Off

8/18/18 –  Crisp fall evening. Very crisp. Temperature dipped to 41 degrees. Undaunted TPCA had their annual Fall Toss Off tournament.   We had 8 very competitive teams all determined to win.  Rob Roy, the champ from the HHS Classic tournament this summer came with lots of swagger and smack talk but no game and was eliminated early.  The dream team of Dirc and George prevailed despite heavy competition from the losers bracket team of Steve Miller and Adam Sonnet.  Steve pulled off 3 ponies in the final rounds but George was able to airmail many bags and go over most of his wimpy short throws and blocks.  Dirc held his mud against Adam and wore him down in the final game!   There were even a couple of Shicks. Billy & Doc Gates got it first but Danny O. and Andy ended up with the cans.  They think they won something.  One more thing – Bryan was flying in from Chicago at the last minute and saw the bright lights of the emporium from 10,000 feet !   I bet you could see it from the space station.  I’ll check with NASA sometime or just call them directly.  I think I have the number somewhere.


HHS Cheer Cornhole Classic

TPCA represents !   HHS Cheerleading hosted their first Cornhole Classic tournament this Sunday afternoon at the Public House in Fort Thomas.  TPCA brought 5 teams along with boards and bags. In a double elimination tournament, the self selected team of Dan Gorman and Rob Roy won!  Second place was a team from Campbell County and 3rd place was Schurr/Schweitzer. The Dream Team of Meyer/Lindeman lost in the second game after soundly defeating a team of 8 year olds that had never played before.  Congratulations to the winners, even though they self selected, clearly violating TPCA protocols of fair play. They are still welcome to play with us on Thursday nights. No disciplinary action will be taken at this time.  Next year draw a card like everyone else!

Rare Roy

7/19/18  –  So George Schurr and Andy Miller were down 15-0 against Tom Meyer and Steve Hensley.  The dreaded Shick was near and feeling very certain.  Dirc was already planning to move the cans.  One more round and it was probably going be over with. But with great determination and incredible focus they were able to release the bags from hell and respond with 21 unanswered points and defeat the cocky duo 21-15.  An amazing Roy that we haven’t seen in a very, very, long time.   Oh BTW Mark – no more commando.  We really felt like we were in jeopardy.  #metoo.

10 Yr Anniversary Spring Fling

June 14th 2018 the TPCA celebrated our 10 year anniversary playing cornhole Thursday evenings.  The weather was perfect!  We had 18 players ( 9 teams if you divide by 2) in a double elimination tournament. Due to a totally skewed draw the big winners were Tom Meyer & Steve Hensley. Congratulations!  It was a really fun evening and no one got hurt primarily because Steve Miller didn’t play with his knives.  Billy and Wally are on double secret probation for missing the event. Thanks Evan for the great photos!

Late breaking beer fog recollection –  there was a rare double Shick :  Elliott and Bryan got Shicked by Danny G. and Bruce who then got Shicked by Doc S. and Andy.  Bahdabing Bahdaboom,.